Quadruple Innovation Helix and Smart Specialization Strategies

Contact person

Elias G. Carayannis, George Washington University, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This track invites research that focuses on the Quadruple Innovation Helix and Smart Specialization Strategies (S3) challenges, opportunities and implications for theory, policy and practice. Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth is the key goal of several EU initiatives, strategies and programs in the short, medium and long term and at the regional, national and pan-European levels. Of particular interest would be conceptual as well as practical linkages between theory, policy and practice related to the ingredients of such growth based on regional innovation smart specialization strategies and viewed via the “multi-focal lens” of the Quadruple Innovation Helix (Government, University, Industry and Civil Society) perspective. Quadruple Innovation Helix models place a stronger focus on cooperation in innovation, and in particular the dynamically intertwined processes of co-opetition, co-evolution and co-specialisation within and across regional and sectoral innovation ecosystems (Carayannis, 2001; Carayannis and Campbell, 2009; Carayannis and Provance, 2011) that could serve as the foundation for diverse smart specialisation strategies (and introduce a move towards systemic and user-centric innovation structures).

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Special Session papers must be submitted to the  EasyChair submission platform following the same submission and formatting guidelines as all other PCI 2014 submissions. When submitting a paper to this session make sure to select the correct category "Quadruple Innovation Helix and Smart Specialization Strategies".

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